Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services


In achieving business goals and the best way to use IT (information technology) by focusing and advising organizations is called IT consulting, in other words, IT consulting services helps when it comes to needing advice related to IT. once the owner of a business has realized its potential and wants to take their company a step further, a decision-maker will advise them on how it can be done, usually this advice consists of the advisor defining a scope, how expensive it will be and how long it is going to take. Just like how one would take care of a plant from when it’s just a bud to a full-fledged plant, the same way an IT consulting services company takes cares of the owner’s company and nurtures it until the end all the while keeping into consideration about their needs and satisfaction

Why is it Important and why you need IT Consulting Services?

The benefits for having IT consulting are a lot, here are some of the benefits that are important:

  • Is it perfect for Small Businesses

IT consulting can be expensive at times and having an in-house IT department is not feasible for every small business out there so using an IT consultant as a service is much cheaper, it is usually based on a contract with hourly charges. Another reason is that if a small business were to have an in-house IT department, employees in that department would not be needed as the business itself is small enough and does not need that much attention so an IT consultant as a service seems like optimal choice.

Evelogics IT Consulting services

  • Increased Security and Protection

Although there are alternative to stopping virus attacks on your company, hiring an IT consultant is one the better ways to go about it as your IT consultant that specializes in internet security is only a phone call away. Having one can stop problems at the root instead of letting them spread such as virus going through all over the servers of the company wreaking havoc causing network downtimes over a prolonged period of time. Another way is to give your employee training about what are some red flags so as to prevent more virus attacks and if they ever get stuck on a problem and cannot understand the scenario, then the IT consultant is always happy to help

  • Ensures Expertise and Best Practices

IT consultants provide a wide variety of services such as estimating, competitive analysis, development of an IT corporate strategy etc. all of these services cannot be achieved easily as each and everyone of them takes time as each company needs their own solution tailor made for them. Man changes can occur in between when giving a solution to a company for a specific problem, IT consultants can make that happen which is why it is so important to have one

Evelogics provides Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

We at Evelogics have always have an expert team on hire that is readily available in helping our customers out by keeping frequent communications between them and the customers. Research and Development on business solutions so you don’t have to worry about any potential risks, and to wrap it all up we have no such any surprise fees and invoices, payments are up front and well structured. Not only do we give IT consulting in general, we give service for IT consulting in other areas too such as mobile app development, web development UI/UX, Digital Marketing Services and Testing & QA.

Evelogics an IT Solutions Company And Its Services


In this day and age, everything runs on a machine or some sort of variation of it that requires either the internet or a piece of equipment such as smartphones or laptops. With over 56.7% of the world’s population using the internet in 2019 alone, (World Bank) it shows that there is no shortage of users out there. With each person using the internet or electronic devices in general, there are always issues that come with it and finding the right solution to it is what we do best. Over here at Evelogics IT Solutions Company, we strive to find the best solutions out there for your exact needs by providing our customers a wide range of helpful tools and services

Dynamic Software Development Company

With over 5 years of experience, we at Evelogics IT Solutions Company have talented tech minds who are willing to do their work. With a dynamic software company backing you up based in Pakistan that has consistently met the client’s expectations, we work on large-scale & complex projects all the time. 

What We Do

Manage Your Offshore Office

We create and manage your offshore office for you, making it easier for you to focus on your business strategies. This helps you reduce your dev costs and get progress reports at any time.


Our consultancy team focuses on your most critical issues and opportunities in strategies, technology, marketing, organization, operations, transformation, digital infrastructure, advanced analytics, and sustainability across all industries and regions. Often times a customer might have a grand idea about a website however it fails shortly when they try to actually explain it to the devs. This is where consultancy comes into play as it allows us to help you streamline your thoughts and help you achieve the dream website that you always wanted

Hire a Team

We always have an idea of what our customers want, we are listening with keen ears. always looking to improve and provide for your business ambitions. We provide a qualified team, fully understanding the importance of getting it right from qualification to hiring, development, and deployment.

Outsource Your IT Infrastructure

Our IT outsourcing service enables you to hand over the full responsibility of your infrastructure to us. While opting for our IT Support services, you will be also able to tap into our experienced

team of IT consultants, software engineers, and testers for IT consultancy and get additional support for your business applications. Outsourcing helps you to ease up and take it from your hands while you can tend to other needs

Evelogics an IT Solutions company and Its Services

Web Development

Web development is a way to make people aware of the services and/or products you’re offering, to explain why your products are relevant and even necessary for them to buy or use, and to see what distinguishes your company from competitors. Customers will be influenced greatly by displaying this information with high-quality images and a well-thought-out presentation, so strive to make your product as relatable and appealing as possible. The services Evelogics IT Solutions Company provide are Web development which includes the ability to create a modern design for websites that not only has faster loading times but also has a great user experience with an adaptive layout that adapts well to different screens.

Mobile Development:

To have a mobile application for your business is essential nowadays as the rise of the internet makes it so that everything is accessible using our mobile phones. Not having an app can be detrimental as you will miss out on most of your revenue. Mobile devices alone made around 54.8% of global website traffic in 2021 alone (Statista, 2021). We have other services such as mobile development that include security & privacy to apps that can run at great speeds to Os flexibility, oftentimes whenever I use applications I find myself sitting and waiting because the application wasn’t properly optimized so this service helps a lot here. There are many types of phones out there that use different types of software to run them such as iOS and Android and running an application requires you to develop them catering to the software that they are running on so to invest in a good mobile app is very much useful, doing so will allow you to upload said app onto many different platforms such as Google Play and Apple App Store


The needs of your clients can be most easily shown off by having an UI/UX that caters to their needs, meaning it is an aspect when it comes to designing a website that sticks out the most and in many cases matters the most too as it is a direct representation of the what the customer wants from us to do.UI/UX has the capability of shining the website allowing the users to use it smoothly and not have to worry about bugs occurring, due to a good design, the probability of you spending more money is less due to the website not needing it in the first place. This helps save a lot of time and money.  UI/UX is another service we provide, this service helps when you want your website to run smoothly all the while the experience of using one is also kept well. UI/UX is a little different from web development in that UI/UX are a part of web development so one shouldn’t confuse themselves with these services.

Testing & QA:

QA and testing revolve around development cycles and they consist of processes that refine the whole project and make sure that the quality is there, it also helps with maintenance costs as you won’t need to maintain it that much due to it being polished in the first place all the while boosting more performance and enhanced functionality. Testing and QA usually comes into play when the product is just about to be released into the public or before its release, personally speaking testing is very important as without a proper test it makes the website or application a not-so-professional product. QA and Testing allows for the application to be sold or published at a higher price as compared to other apps due to it being tested properly. Customers are more likely to get satisfied with any application that you make because they have seen your work and realize that you are capable or releasing content that will not crash and are more inclined to even go as far pay for items within to support the creators of said application/website.

Evelogics an IT Solutions company and Its IT Consulting Services:

 IT consulting and its market size has increased in the US alone by 30% from the year 2011 to 2019 with a value of 524.5 billion USD ( That says a lot about how much this service is needed by the general public. What I’ve personally seen is that due to the rapid changing nature of IT as a whole, many people tend to get left behind on the curb and because of that they are always in need of consulting. That’s where our expertise comes in, we at Evelogics IT Solutions Company have always have an expert team on hire that is readily available in helping our customers out by keeping frequent communications between them and the customers. Research and Development on business solutions so you don’t have to worry about any potential risks, and to wrap it all up we have no such any surprise fees and invoices, payments are upfront and well structured.

Evelogics an IT Solutions company and Its Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing stands for advertising something on the internet instead of billboards or newspapers. A survey in 2020 shows that almost 25% of companies have used SEO for mobiles to further increase traffic to their site (HubSpot,2020). Arguably one of the biggest platforms ever to market on is the internet and with such a huge platform, making room for yourself in a very wide pool of competitors is difficult and that’s where we provide our customers with strategies that will help you bolster your search results on your website or to get more people to see your website or product you are advertising, to be able to increase the amount of Rate of Interest and lastly generating more leads, all of which in the end comes down to the customer’s benefit.

Application Development Services

In order to make a mobile application development which runs on your smartphones, you will need services which are provided by companies that are an integral part in making an application. These services are truly helpful when you want to develop an app that caters to your liking with ideas ranging from a unique from of text to different animations that are not unique to the style of how you would like your application to be built.    

Scalable and Smart App Development Solutions to Create Value for Your Business

With sales projecting to $581.9 billion in the year of 2020 and it increasing to $935 billion in Q4 of 2023, mobile app development services have never seen higher demand before. Powering your visibility and mobility of your business, app development is the key feature that makes puts us at the top against our competition. We are experts in creating mobile applications for all different types of businesses and industries with lots of features such and high performance.


Android Application Development

Android was formed in 2003 and by 2004 it was first used to develop an OS for digital cameras. Essentially speaking the main difference between android and iOS application development is the use of the programming language. Applications made for Android are written in programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, and C++. These languages can be best used when using an android development kit. Although there are exceptions to the rule that only these languages can be used when making an app for Android, for the most part, this is the main factor that dictates which OS this app is being developed for. Another main factor for Android development is the strategy used when developing an app due to the difference in the phones makes it so that developers have to keep an eye out for things such as how notifications will appear on the screen for android users as compared to iOS users.

Evelogics Application developments Services

Due to the sheer amount of devices that use Android, developers have to accommodate this by developing applications that can run on most of these devices which can make android applications development difficult and more complex as compared to Apple app development.

Get Value-Driven Android Application Development Services and Uplift Your Business

From creative thinkers to technology experts, developing Android application software for startup and enterprises is our strong suit. From developing apps that use strategies such as result-based operations to Android app development that not only ensures its up to date, but also that it reaches to the top leaderboards in terms or popularity and ease of use in Google Play Store is what we strive for, it is of little importance weather the application you need is for a startup company or a fully established enterprise, we will provide all the necessary needs you need to ensure your application is well-made.

Android App Features:

While developing Android Apps, we ensure to cater to a spectrum of services to meet the current and emerging demands of the clients.

Our Android App features include Back-end System and API development, App security consulting, App development consultations, Enterprises and Startup solutions, User Experience and Interface design, etc. We aim to hit the fish’s eye while developing android apps so that they win their place in the Google play store. 

Android Application Development and Visibility:

With our client-centric and result-oriented approach, we assist our clients in refining their app usage strategies. We make sure to use commercialization resources to enhance the app’s visibility in the digital landscape. Due to the lack of resources, various android apps lose visibility and fail to connect with the user base.

Android Application Development Expertise:

We feature a team of creative and experienced technologists and developers who are fully aware of the fact that user experience is the fundamental aspect of a successful android app.

Therefore, We ensures testing and optimization to provide customers the best possible experience. 

We develop Native Applications and make sure they run on all mobile devices by using programming languages; IOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin Java), and other specialized android API languages.

Data Integrity and Security Preservation:

Privacy and confidentiality are always our primary concerns while developing an android app. We ensure to protect and secure even precise information of the users Without data leakage or loss.

iOS Application Development

The OS was made by Apple in 2007 for the iPhone OS 1 and ever since then it has been used in all apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, etc. much like Android, the programming language is the main factor that separates these two operating systems. Apple is the second most used OS when it comes to smartphones just shy from number 1 which is Android.  In the case of Apple, the languages used to develop an app is called Swift and Objective-C, Swift is the better one from these two and is used more than Objective-C. just like Android, Apple has their own software which is best to use when coding in swift called Xcode, is it used to make apps for all Apple products. The lack of a back button in iOS means that developers have to take that into account when developing an application for iOS as compared to Android. Although this is not directly related to app development, the apps made for iOS tend to generate revenue from purchasing the app itself whereas most applications in Android make their revenue from ad monetization

User-Friendly iOS App Development Solutions

Our squad has years of experience; hence we provide sophisticated high-tech iOS Application Development Services. We understand the requirement of a great iOS App development software and offer solutions with flexible patterns so the applications work in all the Apple products varying from iPhone-6—iPhone-X, Apple Watch, and iPad.

iOS Application Development Expertise:

Our iPhone App Developers offer a wide range of iOS application Development services using languages like Objective C and Swift, etc. We make ourselves updated with new frameworks and technologies to maximize the benefits. From the emergence of ideas to the launch of final iPhone apps in the iTunes app store, we have the experience to build your ideal app on time and on budget. 

Our team of developers and designers use their years of experience to provide engaging navigation, user-friendly UI, High Transactional UX, and other features of the iPhone app. The team of programmers works hard to create a crash-free app by using their top-notch coding skills.

Along with interface design and coding, we provide complete assistance in launching the app and help it set above the competitors in a crowded iPhone app market. We offer our complete support in launching a successful app and everything that it needs to meet the requirements of stakeholders.

Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-platform development is the idea of developing an application that can be used for more than one operating system for example Apple and Android. Cross-platform development is unique because it uses native elements to achieve its goals but works on both operating systems, this is most noticeable when it comes to interface. Depending on the scenarios, cross-platform applications can be considered cost-efficient due to the fact that you won’t have to code them twice or however many times you need to, this allows for companies to test them out with a wider range of audiences that can give them more useful data plus it saves a lot of time.

Another good use of cross-platform development is that you can keep the code consistent which removes a lot of stress from developers, reading another person’s code can be a jarring task at times and to add to this if it meant for another OS which you do not have much experience in then that makes it all the more difficult to accomplish as you will need to rely on other developers from other teams. This issue is resolved with cross-platform development as the code is much more consistent and easier to read. Some of the best frameworks out there when coding for a cross-platform app are Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin. It is tough to give a ranking on all three of these frameworks as they are still relatively new in the programming world however the benefits they bring to the table are certainly something we cannot look over which makes them robust tools to use.  There are many more benefits to cross-platform development such as it can be integrated with cloud settings with ease due to its flexible nature, can be customized faster than native apps, and lastly, because it is cross-platform, developers can interact with UI and UX elements much more easily.


Reap Advantages of Custom Web application Development Services to Grow Your Business

Boosting brand awareness and enhancing visibility is part of what we do in web application development. Since it is the digital face of the company, it has become decisive in almost every phase when it comes to building an online business.

Competition is very high as web application Development have become an essential part of an enterprise the appearance of your website dictates how customers would react to your enterprise so having a well-made web app helps in attracting more customers. It also provides the customers with more information about what your company is and what it stands for and what services you provide. That is one major reason why companies look forward for a clean web app and in order to get that you need good web application Development services.

There is no doubt that we are living in a digital era where businesses are using technologies to reach out to their customers. Today, more than 60% of users research products and services online making it crucial for you to build a web application to meet the world-class standards. 

Highly Advance Web App Design & web application Development Services

To develop the right web application, you need advanced website development solutions that can help you to streamline your business with minimum developing time. The high-tech web development services we provide is one of the biggest technology hubs in the world that caters to your business needs.

Evelogics web developments


 We Offer the Following

Node.Js Development:

Node.Js is an open-source cross-platform that uses JavaScript to create website development solutions that can run on any platform. We build Node.Js web apps so you can adapt to the global realities of business and technology. We develop Node.Js API and also provide integration services to custom Node.Js application development. Our team uses Node.Js and ExpressJs to develop applications for CRM and eCommerce, etc. 

AWS Cloud Computing:

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services which is essentially a cloud computing platform made by Amazon which includes up to 100 AWS services ranging from infrastructure services to packaged software services, they can also offer organization tools such as computer power, database storage and content delivery services

AWS was made on the foundation of back in 2006 and they were one of the first companies that offered users a cloud computing service which used the “pay-as-you-go” model which scales according to your needs when it comes to how much computing power you will need and storage.

AWS offers many different tools and solutions for enterprises and software developers that can be used in data centers in up to 190 countries. Groups such as government agencies, education institutions, nonprofits and private organizations can use AWS services.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is an internet-based computer service that is networked with a large group of remote servers. Cloud Computing allows organizations to use shared and storage resources instead of architectural, work, building, and improvement, in operation and improvement of infrastructure only.

Types of Clouds:

  • Public Cloud:

Public clouds are available to the customers via internet and is made public by third party services however important data is still kept under wraps and is not shown to the general public

  • Private Cloud:

It is similar to a public cloud in that the services provided are the same however it is kept within the organization’s limit, since it is not out in the open, the security risk is minimized.

  • Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid clouds consist of capabilities that can make it both, a public cloud and a private cloud, the decision to use a private cloud or a public one depends on the type of information you are sending/ uploading

How AWS Works:

AWS works on the needs of its users, each service provided can be configured in different ways based on what you need. This can happen with the options provided in the menus and individual servers maps for AWS services.

Earlier mentioned, AWS provides up to 100 services which are as follows:


Dozens of data centers have been spread across availability zones(AZs) in regions all over the world that are required in order for AWS to work. An AZ consists of  a location that contains a big number of data centers, a cluster of AZs makes up to one region, each region is connected to another by using low latency network links.

A business will choose one or multiple availability zones for a variety of reasons, such as compliance and proximity to end customers. For example, an AWS customer can spin up virtual machines (VMs) and replicate data in different AZs to achieve a highly reliable infrastructure that is resistant to failures of individual servers or an entire data center.


For data backup, collection and analytics, Amazon Simple Storage Services provides scalable storage. Business can save money as saving data in this format allowed them to access this data much more efficiently due to Infrequent Access. Data migration to the cloud is also possible with the use of AWS Snowball and Snowmobile or they can use AWS Storage Gateway which allows apps on the premises to access said data.

Migration. Hybrid Cloud:

Migration of data from one place to another can be a difficult task and this is where AWS comes in handy as they provide services that help users migrate data from their local storages to the public cloud with the use of AWS Migration Hub. Amazon also has partnerships with several technology vendors that ease hybrid cloud deployments. VMware Cloud on AWS brings software-defined data center technology from VMware to the AWS cloud. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Amazon EC2 is the product of another partnership, extending Red Hat’s operating system to the AWS cloud


It is a free, cross-platform open source developer platform that is used to building many different types of application. .NET allows you to use multiple languages that can let you use editors and libraries that can let you make applications for web, mobile, desktop, games and IoT.

.NET’s development had been started from in the 1900s and the first version published was called.NET 1.0 which was released in the late 2000s

Languages that can you can use to make applications on .NET are C#, F#, or Visual Basic.

Although the language that is used the most for .NET is considered to be C# (C sharp), its not the only language you can use as there are many other options like C#, F#, or Visual Basic. .NET supports the Common Language Infrastructure(CLI) which then complies it into Common Intermediate Language (CIL) which then makes it so that whatever language you use to write your code in, it’ll all be shown into this format which allows for great interoperability between languages in the platform.

.NET Application Models

Above the core components, you have the different application model frameworks, that is, the libraries that offer support for developing different types of applications. So, for example, you have:

 The framework that allows you to build web applications and web APIs.

A graphical user interface for Windows desktop applications.

 The framework for building cross-platform mobile, TV, and desktop applications.

 The framework to build client web applications by using C#. It also allows you to generate client web apps in WebAssembly code.

 The machine learning framework that simplifies the integration of machine learning models in your .NET application.

PHP Web Application Development:

With the latest web technologies and potential features, we provide the best Web App Design & Development services to take your business to the forefront. Our highly qualified and skilled IT professionals design web applications using technologies: PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, and many more.

Further, our expertise lies in developing custom web applications using many frameworks including CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony Codelgniter, etc. Our team of PHP developers works hard to provide customer-centric solutions to unlock new opportunities for you.

evelogics php developments services


React.Js Development:

ReactJS is JavaScript’s isomorphic library for frontend and backend development. Being a leading custom web application development company, our team has experience of using ReactJs to build creative and super-fast user interfaces. By using ReactJs, our developers can provide you with efficient and SEO-friendly web applications. 

Vue.Js Development:

We use top-running Vue.Js services to develop dynamic and adaptable web app Solutions. Vue.Js is a JavaScript framework used to develop single-page applications and interfaces. By using Vue.Js, we make sure a user can run the application smoothly and swiftly, thus turning a random visitor into a potential customer. 

Angular.JS Development:

We have highly experienced and proficient AnglularJs developers who develop powerful, data-driven cross-platform applications. Our developers use it with Node.Js in writing applications to simplify the process.

MEAN Stack and MERN Stack Development Services

The two leading JavaScript platforms namely MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express.Js, Angular.Js, and Node.Js) and MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express.Js, React.js, Node.Js) are used to building applications with a minimum amount of time.

These are the software bundles that our web app developers use to build the most efficient and dynamic JavaScript-based apps for your business. The benefit of these stacks is that they only use JavaScript to create simple to complex web app development solutions. MERN is a relatively latest set of tools that we use to speed up the process using Mongo, Express, React, and Node.JS

Web Application Development and UI/UX Design

Web design services are key components in any web application development project. We are the Custom Web Application Design & Web Application Development services company in the world that has been providing top-notch web app solutions to meet specific business needs. Our team of designers uses UI/UX strategies to create graphical user interfaces and adopt a user-friendly approach while creating a web design.

We provide web app design & development services on any scale, from consultations to the start and finishing of the project. We use a variety of technologies to provide custom web app development solutions with high quality, thus reducing the risks that are inherent in every web app development project. 

How Can We Do All This?

We have an excellent team of highly skilled technicians, powerful tools, and great infrastructure that we bring to every project. Here we have a pool of talented app developers, UX designers, Analysts, Project Managers, QA testers. Best of all, you’ll always have a single platform where you will have access to people who will help you to have robust, agile, and scalable web app solutions ready to sell.

Web Application Development and Support ,Testing

We not only build your web app but our team of QA testers that make sure that all the website development solutions are bug-free. Our team of skilled and experienced specialists focuses on end-user satisfaction, irrespective of the complexities of your web product necessities. We have the skills and capacity to support your web application and help you run it without any interruption.