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3 Types of Facebook Ads All HVAC Companies Should Run 
When it comes to marketing as an HVAC company, Facebook might be the least of your worries. However, with Facebook Ads, you can reach people in your service area who need HVAC services at a low cost per lead! Facebook Ads allows you to customize your audience based on location, age range, gender, language, interests, and behaviors. You can even exclude certain interests or job titles to hone in on your target audience.
In this blog, we will review the types of Facebook Ads for HVAC companies with which we have seen the most success with for HVAC companies, including:

  1. Lead Generation Ads
  2. Website Traffic Ads
  3. Boosted Posts

First, install a Pixel to Measure (and improve) Facebook Ad Performance
Before we get into the good stuff, an important thing to remember before you start advertising on Facebook is to install the Facebook pixel on your website. A Facebook tracking pixel is a piece of code that collects data from your website, which helps you track conversions from Facebook Ads, optimize your ads, build target audiences to utilize in the future, and create audiences for remarketing.

Evelogics facebook pixel, Evelogics Facebook ads

Facebook Lead Ads
With Facebook Lead Ads, people can click on your ad and a form will pop up, so they never have to leave the platform. The form is already populated with their Facebook contact information, so after answering any questions you have chosen for the form, their answers and contact details are ready to be sent directly to you. This is a simple way to generate leads for your company.
Lead ads are especially helpful for building up your HVAC company’s email marketing list or conducting giveaways.
Here you can see the reference images of the Facebook lead generation ad and the form being used in it with the campaign results for your better understating.

Evelogics Facebook ads
Evelogics Facebook ads, Evelogics Facebook campaign
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Facebook Website Traffic Ads
Facebook’s Website Traffic Ads are eligible to show on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, and they send people to certain pages on your website.
You might ask, “What pages on my website should they be sent to?” If you don’t have much organic traffic or brand awareness, you could send them to your homepage which is technically called a Landing page.
If you want to promote a particular product or service (i.e., promoting heater repair in the middle of winter), you can send them to your webpage for that service.
Lastly, if you would like to highlight any promotions you are currently running related to your product, you should send them to your promotions/specials page. If you have multiple promotions running, you can use a carousel ad to promote them all! Facebook users can scroll through your various promotions with carousel ads. Carousel ads are those ads in which we use multiple images.

Boosted Posts
If you are looking to reach a specific audience beyond people that like your page, you should try boosted posts! With boosted posts, you are simply using money to advertise and promote a post that has already been published to your Facebook page organically.
Boosted posts lead to more likes on your posts and, depending on the type of content you are boosting, possibly lead to more traffic to your website.
All in all, Facebook Ads are worth a try to see if they will prove to be successful for your Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company!

Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Services


The vast majority get confused when it comes to nailing down the distinctions among Quality Assurance ( QA) and Software Testing. Despite the fact that they are interrelated, they can be considered as the same activities, yet there exist separating focuses that put them aside from one another.

Quality Assurance (QA)

  • The implementation of processes, procedures and the standards with the context to the verification of developed software and the requirements it needs is what Quality Assurance is mostly about, in other words the main strong point that makes up Quality Assurance  is to ensure that all the processes, procedures etc. are implemented properly.
  • Instead of making sure the system is being tested properly, Quality Assurance mostly focuses on ensuring weather or not the processes and procedures are being conducted or not
  • Quality Assurance uses the right standards to make an expected product which can then be later on used as a guideline to create the actual product. This information needs to be given to the team so that they can follow through with it till the very end. Quality Assurance also consists of regular audits that check up on the product from time to time, it is an ongoing process that helps in preventing defects.

Software Testing

Software testing is as the name says, to test the software before it goes live. Testing has many steps such as finding errors and fixing them, to take the software from its expected form to the actual form that it actually needs to be in. Testing also helps in finding out if there are any defects or missing requirements. Due to testing a software, you can enhance the quality of it by a great amount, helps in improving security and lastly it helps with detecting how compatible the software is with all sorts of devices and platforms.

Why Software Testing and QA Services is Important for your Project

Both software testing and QA services go hand in hand and having them in your project is a great help as it can eliminate bugs from your project, to make sure the development follows the correct procedures and guidelines and it also helps with making a good first impression once the product gets published to the public. Some companies such as the Royal Bank of Scotland could not process 600,000 payments due to a bug and because of that they lost around 66 million pounds, this shows the importance of Quality Assurance and software testing. We at Evelogics make it our absolute goal that this does not happen as our team of professionals are always on standby in case something happens. With proper software testing and Quality Assurance, errors like this are not a possibility with us. In conclusion, this service is a must have if one needs to work on a project of a larger scale as bugs are bound to happen and the most efficient way is to hire a team to ensure that does not let any bugs go through and they all get fixed at the development stages.

UI/UX Design Services User Experience & User Interface


The term UI/UX stands for User interface and user experience, it points towards the making of products that are reliant on the experience and the interface of a product. In other words, UI/UX design means to produce a product that can visually look good and also perform as good too. In this day and age where customers and their businesses are all on the internet means that they are always looking for ways to ensure that more and more customers react to their sites and products. A good UI/UX design means more people will enjoy buying products from your website or will not have any complaints when it comes to navigating the website.

Why UI/UX Design is Important for your Project

Earlier mentioned, it can greatly help with getting more clicks to your project however that is not the only thing it is known for, below are some more reasons why it is so important:

  • Information Architecture

Information Architecture or also said as IA, the main purpose of IA is to ensure that the project works on every device from different manufacturers such as Apple and Android and by that it means to have easy navigation and fluidity

Evelogics UI/UX Design

Interaction Design is tied in with making the calculated plan with which the clients cooperate with the product as well as the application. This collaboration incorporates different components like style, variety, fonts, images, pictures, movement, sound, space, designs, and so forth.

  • Visual Design

Visual Design of the project or the site is like giving character to the organization’s image. Settling the visual design can influence the clients’ way of behavior and thus it is the main part of the UI design. Visual Design isn’t just about choosing the best pictures, colors, symbols, textual styles, but also its about distinguishing the appearance of the application and how it influences the communication between the customers and the clients.

In conclusion, the needs of your clients can be most easily shown off by having an UI/UX design that caters to their needs, meaning it is an aspect when it comes to designing a website that sticks out the most and in many cases matters the most too as it is a direct representation of the what the customer wants from us to do.UI/UX design has the capability of shining the website allowing the users to use it smoothly and not have to worry about bugs occurring, due to a good design, the probability of you spending more money is less due to the website not needing it in the first place. This helps save a lot of time and money.  UI/UX is another service we provide, this service helps when you want your website to run smoothly all the while the experience of using one is also kept well. We at Evelogics make sure to focus on all of these components to give our customers the best of the best and are satisfied with the work that we provide them with.