.NET Development Services


With experience in a wide range of custom applications, Evelogics is a full-cycle development house. Whether it’s performing complex integration or migrating a legacy application to the web with ASP.NET to building new software from scratch, we know how to make maximum use of .NET Development.

History of .NET

.NET framework was worked on by Microsoft in the late 1990s. Original work of it was done under the Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). .NET 1.0 was the first name and iteration and was released in the late 2000s.

All three companies, Intel, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard (HP) helped bring .NET to light by working on its standardization by working on languages such as C# and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) in August 2000. It’s because of them .NET was approved by the ECMA by December of 2001.

.NET Development Services we Provide

With teams consisting of members that have years of experience behind them, we deliver the best-in-class software products and make sure to provide you with the most secure and stable solutions for enterprises. Alongside web and mobile applications.

Custom .NET Development Services

With the knowledge of what exactly you need, we will use that to ensure you a product that provides the best performance based on your requirements by using brilliant software allowing your business to prosper to another level. Leveraging .NET, we will solve our customers’ problems using Microsoft stack and flexibility, reliability and lastly our conscious choice.

.Net developments services

Migration to .NET

Bringing old technology to new is what migration to .NET means, we have vast amounts of knowledge in updating legacy applications and data to the latest technologies. We have a wide range of tools available that allow us to rebuild your application from the ground up and completely renew it from legacy to .NET framework.


Our services offer customers the option to middleware that allows integration of enterprise systems so that communication between applications is made without fault. Evelogics will find the best way to implement tools that allow flawless communication and data management across various software solutions

Solutions Customization

With each unique business needs comes unique solutions and we here at Evelogics provide you with services and tools that renders a full range of third-party solutions such as APIs, UI customization and improvement in functionality because finding unique solutions that specifically cater to your needs is what we do best.