React Native Development Services

React Native Development Services, React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile application framework that allows developers to build apps that are used both on iOS and Android, the two leading biggest software out there for mobile phones. Making apps for these two software can be difficult as both have niches which cannot be replicated however with react native we won’t have to worry about that anymore as it can make applications for both software. With many applications built on this framework such as Facebook, it’s increasingly becoming a top choice for cross-platform mobile app development. React Native was first brought into existence by Facebook, it was made due to Facebook not being able to keep up with all the data they had as they had to maintain two code bases at once so out came React Native which helped in reducing a lot of time that otherwise went into work duplication and solving problems but in two different ways.

React Native Development Services

We here at Evelogics provide our customers a wide array of services for them to pick. We use methodologies that not only improve the experience of the application you will get but also we have an out-of-the-box approach too.

 React Native Development Services

React Native Development Services for iOS and Android Applications

Build native apps for Android and iOS devices to optimize your mobile development processes using React Native. We can help you achieve exceptional UI to feature-rich functionality that many hybrid apps fail to deliver.

Integration and Migration Services
Integration or migration, our experts have got hands-on expertise for both. We work on a variety of applications using React Native. We are also adept at migrating apps from other platforms without any data loss or risk.

React Native Development Services and Consulting
From design to rollout, our experts take you through consultation of product concept and requirements. We carefully examine the information provided by clients in order to develop a clear strategy on how to move forward with your corporate goals.

React Native Development Services UI/UX
At Evelogics, we employ the entire React Native library to provide the most engaging and creative user experience for your business apps. We are driven to deliver a real-time experience across several devices to ensure UI/UX gaps are filled.

Support and Maintenance Services
After every release of product, the necessity for care and control is crucial. We provide post-launch support and maintenance to ensure that all bugs are resolved and your product is functioning as expected.

Why Us?

Evelogics has a full-cycle team of developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and QA specialists. Our team can complete the development of a React Native application from the ground up, including UI/UX, API, and the mobile Front-end development services – the whole number of services needed for the mobile app release in App Store and Google Play.
We are leaders in building cross-platform mobile apps with React Native. With a great portfolio of React Native iOS and Android apps, our team has substantial experience that helps us deliver quality products within the given timeframe.