Software Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Services


The vast majority get confused when it comes to nailing down the distinctions among Quality Assurance ( QA) and Software Testing. Despite the fact that they are interrelated, they can be considered as the same activities, yet there exist separating focuses that put them aside from one another.

Quality Assurance (QA)

  • The implementation of processes, procedures and the standards with the context to the verification of developed software and the requirements it needs is what Quality Assurance is mostly about, in other words the main strong point that makes up Quality Assurance  is to ensure that all the processes, procedures etc. are implemented properly.
  • Instead of making sure the system is being tested properly, Quality Assurance mostly focuses on ensuring weather or not the processes and procedures are being conducted or not
  • Quality Assurance uses the right standards to make an expected product which can then be later on used as a guideline to create the actual product. This information needs to be given to the team so that they can follow through with it till the very end. Quality Assurance also consists of regular audits that check up on the product from time to time, it is an ongoing process that helps in preventing defects.

Software Testing

Software testing is as the name says, to test the software before it goes live. Testing has many steps such as finding errors and fixing them, to take the software from its expected form to the actual form that it actually needs to be in. Testing also helps in finding out if there are any defects or missing requirements. Due to testing a software, you can enhance the quality of it by a great amount, helps in improving security and lastly it helps with detecting how compatible the software is with all sorts of devices and platforms.

Why Software Testing and QA Services is Important for your Project

Both software testing and QA services go hand in hand and having them in your project is a great help as it can eliminate bugs from your project, to make sure the development follows the correct procedures and guidelines and it also helps with making a good first impression once the product gets published to the public. Some companies such as the Royal Bank of Scotland could not process 600,000 payments due to a bug and because of that they lost around 66 million pounds, this shows the importance of Quality Assurance and software testing. We at Evelogics make it our absolute goal that this does not happen as our team of professionals are always on standby in case something happens. With proper software testing and Quality Assurance, errors like this are not a possibility with us. In conclusion, this service is a must have if one needs to work on a project of a larger scale as bugs are bound to happen and the most efficient way is to hire a team to ensure that does not let any bugs go through and they all get fixed at the development stages.